I was Registered as a Psychologist in Perth in 1997, following a period of 5 years working in the occupational rehabilitation industry. Since 2001 I have worked in a consulting capacity and in private practice. During this time I have provided psychological services to private clients, to workers receiving vocational rehabilitation services, and to employees within organisations (e.g., employee assistance counselling; supervision/training).

In terms of my training background, I initially completed a Bachelor of Science Degree (Psychology and Human Movement) at the University of Western Australia. After completing a Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychology at Curtin University, I extended my training (and interest) in psychological and physical health issues, through the completion of specialist training in Health Psychology (Masters Degree). Finally, I recently obtained my Doctorate Degree from Curtin University, having conducted research exploring meaning-making processes in bereaved mothers who had lost a child to cancer.

What to expect

My counselling approach is tailored to the needs of the individual. However, I commonly use humanistic/existential approaches, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and emotion-focused and narrative methods within my practice.

In the initial consultations, my aim is to explore what has led the person to seek assistance. This involves asking questions in a sensitive and respectful way and may also include the completion of some questionnaires if this helps to increase understanding. The next step is to establish some goals for the counselling sessions. These are developed in accordance with what the person considers to be important for their psychological health and wellbeing.

Psychological services at Churchill House